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Food Safety Management is a strategic objective of INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L., as well as the production of confectionery and bakery products made with the required food safety, and whose level of quality makes it competitive and appropriate to the needs and requirements of your clients.


To achieve this strategic objective, INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. has adopted this Food Safety Policy, which involves working under a Food Safety Management System that is documented and verified at planned intervals to guarantee its suitability and effectiveness, as well as communication at all levels. of the organisation.


INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L., has defined its processes and specifications of the elaborated product.


INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. is aware of the applicable Food Safety legislation and regulations, as well as all those voluntary commitments that the organisation signs, and ratifies its commitment to operate within the framework established by them.


Likewise, INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. maintains an unequivocal commitment to satisfy the established requirements and continuous improvement, in terms of quality, hygiene and ethics, respecting the environment and the food safety of the products offered.


INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. maintains channels of communication with customers and suppliers so that everyone in the food chain participates in obtaining safe products, ensuring that the necessary information is available to all parties involved.


As a result of this Food Safety Policy and the knowledge of its position in the food chain, INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. establishes objectives for the continuous improvement of the food safety of the Products offered to its customers.


INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L. guarantees the allocation of the human, technological and financial resources necessary for the implementation of a Food Safety Management System structured and integrated throughout the organisation, and for achieving the food safety objectives set.


This Food Safety Policy is disseminated to all the people who work for INDUSTRIAS CONFITERAS ANTEQUERANA, S.L., or on behalf of it, and they are urged to support it and carry out their work in such a way that the objectives of improvement as they are established.


Likewise, the Food Safety Policy is kept up to date in order to guarantee its adequacy and is available to any person or organization that requests it.

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